About Us
Senior Care Consultant Group (SCCG) has been a provider of consultant pharmacist services for over 25 years and provides comprehensive pharmacy consulting services in the southeast United States, with most of our concentration being in Florida.

Our goal is to provide quality pharmaceutical care to individuals or facility residents and their professional staffs, be the provider pharmacy's representative in the facilities and keep those facilities error and citation free. We understand the unique relationships between the pharmacy provider, pharmacy consultant and the client facility. We use RxPertise software along with several Excel and Word model graphics and documents. Our monthly consult is presented to the facility Administrator and/or Director of Nursing in a professional looking folder and package that I am sure you would be pleased with.

In summary, our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Professional SCCG newsletter for each of your facilities
  • SCCG website access for you and your clients to allow HIPPA protected posting, viewing and printing of all consultant reviews
  • Access to centralized consultant service for interim MRRs (unique to SCCG; upon request)
  • Monthly drug storage area review and reports
  • Psychotropic actuarial tracking and reporting
  • Monthly and quarterly comprehensive, standardized, consultant MRR and review reports with professional presentation
  • Quarterly meeting attendance
  • Med pass observation of nursing staff (one to two per monthly visit)
  • One annual in-service
  • Access to RN support services on demand
  • Scheduled entrance and exit communication times
  • Access to consultant pharmacist during survey by phone at all survey times
  • Control drug destruction monthly
  • Formulary (Therapeutic interchange) oversight
  • Centralized consultant manager for all facility consultants providing a "one contact" process for facility or pharmacy concerns

We also offer the following optional, add-on services:

  • Access to RN support services on demand (hourly rate plus expenses)
    • Medication storage audits, 100% of all medication carts and medication rooms
    • Medication administration observations with written detailed F-tag based reports
    • Survey preparation services, unique to each facility identified areas of opportunity
    • Survey support during annual survey
    • Plan of correction written response and or IDR response
    • In-service education
    • Support for eMAR or EMR implementation
    • Transcription audits
  • Interim MRR for short stay residents or significant change residents billed by facility with date
  • requested and date response; faxed to facility and posted to SCCG website

Each of our consultants are fully covered with professional liability insurance as well as Senior Care Consultant Group being insured separately. We also use QA Coordinators to assist our consultants with med pass, drug storage area inspection and survey preparation.

Key to our success is the integration of both consultant pharmacist and nurse consultant services.  Knowing that pharmacists and nurses understand each other’s unique role and purpose, benefits both the facility and their residents.  This approach provides SCCG with a distinct advantage when compared with our competitors.  SCCG managing partners would be pleased to provide you with an in-person presentation upon request.  

Please visit the "Our Services" section to see how we may serve your particular facility type or individual consultant needs.